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Elizabeth O'Donnell, founder and CEO of Aaliyah in Action

My name is Elizabeth O'Donnell, I'm the founder and CEO of Aaliyah in Action, based in Ward 8 (Anacostia). Aaliyah in Action provides women, birthing people and families with tangible bereavement support, in the form of self-care packages and support books, after experiencing a perinatal, neonatal or infant loss. I started this organization after my daughter, Aaliyah, was born still at GW Hospital on 12/1/20.

We partner with hospitals who have inventory of our thoughtfully curated Aaliyah in Action Self-Care Packages and accompanying support books. We carry a range of support books (miscarriage, stillbirth/infant death, non-birthing partners and/or a children's book for living siblings) and hospital staff choose which is most appropriate for the recipient.

Since our launch last July we’ve partnered with 13 hospitals within the DMV area and more outside of the immediate region. The feedback we’ve received from hospital staff and recipients has been so comforting as we continue to grow and expand our reach. We also partner with community organizations who request packages for clients when needed. Packages are also shipped nationwide if we've received a request for a loved one.

A unique element to Aaliyah in Action is that 70% of our package items and books are purchased from women and black owned businesses through the DMV. This is a very important value to Aaliyah’s father and I as we want our vendors to reflect who our daughter would’ve been in her city.

I'm writing to you today to ask that you share Aaliyah in Action with anyone you feel may connect with our mission. We’re looking to partner with individuals and businesses that believe in what we provide and want to support.

Here are some recent interviews with ABC7 and GW Magazine highlighting our work and I’ve attached our one-pager & support packages for your reference as well to share with any local businesses you think may be interested in supporting. The DC community has been so supportive since our launch and we’re looking to increase our visibility through the city and I know reaching out to ANC members will help us continue to do that!

Happy to answer any and all questions you may have. & of course, don’t hesitate to reach out if you know of anyone that would benefit from an Aaliyah in Action package.


Liz O'Donnell, Aaliyah's Mom


Elizabeth O'Donnell

Founder & CEO, Aaliyah in Action


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