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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ANC?


Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, or "ANCs", are governmental bodies charged with representing the interests of their residents on community issues such as liquor licensing, education, and zoning matters. Click here for more information on ANCs.



What is a Single Member District?


Similar to a legislative district, a Single Member District, or "SMD", is a district of approximately 2,000 residents in a set area of DC. Each SMD elects one commissioner to the local ANC. There are currently three SMDs in ANC 2C, and several hundred city wide. Single member districts are updated with each federal census to reflect changing population movements in the neighborhood. You can find out which SMD you live in on this map.



I'm a constituent, and I have a question or a problem. Who do I contact? 


You should start by contacting the commissioner for your area. Find your commissioner by locating the Single Member District that you live in on this map, and then contact your commissioner using the information here.


What are the guidelines for presenters?
Visit the presentation guidelines page to find out what to expect.

I'm an applicant and I would like to get on the ANC's agenda, or I would otherwise like to speak at an ANC meeting. How do I do that?


The ANC's Chairperson, Michael Shankle, and ANC's Vice-Chairperson, Gigi Nelson, are responsible for setting the agenda. They will coordinate with the relevant Commissioners. 
Near the beginning of every ANC meeting, there is time set aside for members of the public to comment about items not otherwise on the agenda. Public comment is also invited on every agenda item.
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