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Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood Information

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911 Call Center
  • Info: Police, Fire, and Ambulance Emergency and Non-Emergency
  • Phone: 911
311 Call Center
  • Info: 24-hour central hotline to request city services from trash pick-up to traffic signals and to report items that need to be fixed in your neighborhood and across the city.
  • Phone: 311
  • Web:

Office of Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto

Mayor's Office of Community Relations and Services
  • Info: Ensures open communication between DC residents and the Executive Office of the Mayor.
  • Phone: 202.442.8150
  • Web:
Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration
  • Info: Hotline to report liquor license establishment complaints and violations.
  • Phone: 202.442.4423
  • Web:
Mayor's Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
  • Info: Works to improve the quality of life for District Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through advocacy and engagement.
  • Phone: 202.727.3120
  • Web:
DC Hypothermia Hotline
Metropolitan Police Department Crime Map
  • Info: Provides a comprehensive resource for information on crimes throughout the District of Columbia
  • Web:
Office of Tenant Advocate
  • Info: Provides technical advice and other legal services to tenants regarding disputes with landlords; educates and informs the tenant community about tenant rights and rental housing matters; advocates for the rights and interests of District renters in the legislative, regulatory, and judicial contexts; and provides financial assistance to displaced tenants for certain emergency housing and tenant relocation expenses
  • Phone: 202.719.6560
  • Web:
DC Office on Aging
  • Info: Develops and carries out a comprehensive and coordinated system of health, education and social services for the District's older adults (60 years and older), people with disabilities (18 years and older), and their caregivers
  • Phone: 202.724.5622
  • Web:
DC Water 
Washington Gas

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